Educational Technology and Environment in a Classroom

Educational Technology is a broad term that may relate to many distinct forms of technology that can be detected in the classroom. Lots of teachers agree that the term, educational technology means using computers, movies, TeleVision (TV), as well as electronic items for better understanding of the student. Normally, the term means the full array of tools accessible to increase student’s understanding of the subject matter available.


The tools of learning technology can also refer to overhead projectors, laptop computers, audio recordings, calculators, DVD (Digital Video Disk) disks and players, and a lot more. Today, we can see digital computer technology in a classroom. Computers and internet have affected virtually every facet of our culture, and computers in the classroom have become a necessity to prepare our children to work nowadays.


The training approach had better be radically ameliorated by means of educational technology or online learning. A variety of advantages of online learning have discovered today. Online or e-Learning has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Online classes in virtual classroom allow students to take classes and earn credits while maintaining a full time job. Class materials are submitted online, so students can pick the best time for study anytime.


The standard education in which the teacher first speaks and the students digest knowledge is a past educational experience. Information is remember for tests, and then swiftly forgotten by students once the examination is finished. With online learning, there is a lot more collaboration causing better holding and a lifted ability to deploy the attained understanding in real-life scenarios. Details are presented to students in many ways maintaining the focus of the students.


A researcher, James A. Kulik investigated the effectiveness of computers in the learning process and discovered a number of fascinating results. Here they are: Students get more information a lot quicker from an internet-based instruction. The computer can evoke brisk comments to demystify incorrect answers on quizzes. Lastly, computer is infinitely patient and non-judgmental device, which renders students a more hopeful perspective.

Some other advantages of educational technology are also recorded. Dropout rates in schools have lowered, and attendance in schools with computers have taken a rise. Educational technology is influencing both the teachers and students positively. With educational technology, students feel a lot more involved in their tasks and produce piece of work of high quality in schools. Fascinatingly, if students make use of word processors to edit their work, then the entire quality of their writing gets better.