Three Rules to Spark Learning

Learning is the way by which we can modify existing or acquire new knowledge and behavior. Learning is not only restricted to human beings. It has been proved that even plants and animal possess certain amount of learning that is necessary for them in order to adapt to the given conditions. Talking about human beings their process of learning starts even before they are born and it this process ends with their death. Learning is an integral part of any society as it helps them improve their lifestyle and ways of living by knowing and learning things that were previously unknown. Following are the ways through which we can encourage the new generation to learn effectively.

  1. Building Curiosity

If you want to learn something then being curious to do so comes first. If you want something let us suppose if you want water then you will desire for it first and then adopt ways and mean to get it. Similarly before learning it is important to desire for it first. The importance of anything that we get out of desire is not much, as it is not meaningful to us. But on the other hand if we strive to get something and put our efforts time and money to it, not only it becomes very important to us, it also becomes very meaningful. Unfortunately what we see these days in schools that teacher tend to start a topic without making the students curious about it. Before making the student learn, teachers must prepare their class lectures by asking few questions to them. Like, how can the teachers make the students curious about the topic that they wish to teach them and how understanding this topic is important to them? These are the few questions which if answered and then implemented will not only make students curious but will also make it a lot more fun to learn.


  1. Getting Interactive

Teaching and learning does not go linear, teaching students might not necessarily mean making them learn. In order to make students learn rather than just teach them about the topic, it is important that the teachers think out of the box and provide students with interactive way of learning rather conventional methods of teaching. They can be achieved by developing good relation with their students. It is very important for the teachers to understand the students and get hold of the way they think. In this way it is easier for them to devise plans in order to make the students learn effectively. At the same time it is very important to understand that motivation to any age group, be it small or big is a major source of driving them, towards successfully achieving their objectives. Students should be encouraged for their positive and correct way of conduct. Teachers needs to give student healthy and positive environment where they get motivated and focused to learn. Appreciating them for their rightful doings will motivate them to perform better, on the other hand, highlighting their mistakes in a way, so that the student does not feel bad and is willing to learn from it. It is also important for the teachers to give practical explanation, and if possible showing students practical implementation, of the topic they are about to learn. A good example can be a practical demonstration of an experiment in a lab, or taking students for a field trip before making them learn the theoretical part.


  1. Blending curiosity in everything

It is very easy to teach students by following the scripted procedure of teaching the children, but it becomes altogether a different act, when you want to make the students learn. By adopting ways and means to do so will develop a habit in the students to get curious about the things that you are about to teach them thus making them learn and getting a better understanding of the topic. On the other hand it also helps the teacher to be ready to answer the students curious questions about the topic, which the teacher is about to teach them. The result is perfect blend of students who do not only have the knowledge but also the practical ways to implement what they have learned. Putting curiosity at the center of your practice be it student or a teacher will always yield positive and fruitful result.

With these three rules learning will not only become very easy and effective, it will also become very interesting thus increasing and motivating us to learn more.